New Dundee development excites neighborhood

Posted at 11:22 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 00:23:49-04

A new project is moving forward at 49th and Dodge Street in the Dundee neighborhood.

It’s called the Dundee Flats and the nearly $9-million dollar, 4-story project will have 63 units and a mix of studio, 1-2 bedroom apartments. There will be 25-hundred square feet of retail space on the ground floor and parking inside as well.

Sage Capital bought the property and are hoping to make an impact in the area that have vacant buildings and weeds growing everywhere.

“Excited to see the project get off the ground and get leased up,” said Jake Denker, executive vice president of Sage Capital.

Denker said the area is a perfect location for a lot of people wanting to live in the area.

“With the addition of the jobs that are coming to the cancer center, medical center, that's probably going to see a huge inflow of tenants from there,” said Denker.

One of those tenants could be Kassaundra Hartley who works across the street and currently lives in the Dundee neighborhood.

“That's actually the running joke in my office, it's like Kass you can live right across the street from work now,” said Hartley.

She said the area needs a revamp, “It's kind of an eye sore, I mean working across the street from it-it will be nice to have something a little nicer,” said Hartley.

This new development is great news for local businesses too, as they are looking forward to the increased foot traffic.

“I sell furniture and everything for the home so I'm hoping it helps us,” said Ann Etienne, owner of Viola! Blooms in Dundee.

This development is part of the Dundee facelife on Dodge, as months ago it was announced the historic Dundee Theater will get revamped too.

“We've seen great momentum in the business district and also along the Dodge street corridor now, great synergy with the restaurants across the street, theatre, med center, we see this being a nice hot spot for the city going forward,” said Omaha city councilman Pete Festersen.

The developers said the outside of the Dundee Flats will be a mix of brick and wood to fit in with this area. Demolition starts in August with about 14-months of construction.