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New Louisville water playground playing it safe

Posted at 5:55 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 18:55:15-04

Nebraska Game and Parks says it's always a risk when out in an open body of water, but with multiple lifeguards and everyone in life jackets, they say they are making a strong effort to lower that risk.

It's the first in the region.

"People have been really enjoying it out there, kids have been having all types of fun, the adults have been having fun but they usually get a little tired," said Matt Sutton.

It's finally open to the public.

"We are keeping it just around 100 people that can be out there at one time, just for safety and also so people can have a more enjoyable experience," said Sutton.

With so many obstacles and slippery features, Nebraska Game and Parks wants to ensure your safety.

"We keep an eye from the dock, the tower and the two sides, to make sure everyone can be seen," said Sutton.

Keeping multiple lifeguards on duty.

"We have lifeguards watching from all angles, at least four to five of us are on at a time," said Mikenzie Delgado.

Lifeguard Mikenzie Delgado says they are all CPR and First Aid certified and passed lifeguard training.

"We had to do the obstacle course so we would know where the slippery spots are, where the more difficult spots are for people to get around," said Delgado.

Everyone on the course must wear life jackets.

"That way if you don't know how to swim, or if you have trouble out there in the lake," said Delgado.

Parents I spoke to call the set up is safe.

"There's plenty of lifeguards, so it seems well controlled," said Delgado.

Lifeguards also float in kayaks, just to play it safe .

"If anyone has trouble getting in or out of an obstacle we can swim in and help them too," said Delgado.