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North Downtown development ahead of CWS

Posted at 5:32 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 18:32:49-04

With the College World Series in about a month, some people who have not visited North Downtown since last year might find it looks a little bit different.

From the techy new apartment complex 1415 at the Yard, to the new Kiewit headquarters, North Downtown is developing. Rich Tokhiem owns the dugout across from TD Ameritrade Park.

"I think that traffic flow has changed because what was once parking lots is big hotels and apartment buildings," he said. "It's filling in. The amount of apartments come down here its made daily activity a little bit more. It seems like there's a lot more conventions in town with the added hotels. And with Kiewit and other places opening their businesses, it just has made it more active."

The area has steadily grown since TD Ameritrade Park was built a little less than a decade ago.

Derek Satterley travels to Omaha frequently for business. He says it looks totally transformed.

"It feels like its being invigorated or re-invigorated with new generations coming in," Satterly said. "Every time I come here, I see new buildings up, I see cranes, I see just development, things happening."

Tokhiem believes it will continue to develop in the next decade.

"I bet you see some of these buildings that were built get torn down and made bigger is my prediction."