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North High students honor Haji Mohamed

Posted at 7:37 AM, May 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 09:43:16-04

The death of a little boy is teaching local students what it means to show kindness to others.

The date April 9 never left the minds of students like Nadia Spurlock and Sanjaya Bolton.

Haji Mohammed, 8, darted across the street in front of his school bus during a late afternoon drop-off near 22nd and Sprague streets, according to Omaha police.

The driver did not face charges and Mohammed’s family told 3 News Now it forgave the employee.

In the weeks following the incident, the Black Student Leadership Council of North Omaha High School came up with a plan:

Deliver a care basket to the boy’s family.

On Wednesday, the group crafted a fruit basket, bought tulips and wrote out words of encouragement including Koran scriptures for the family. 

Later in the afternoon, students said they planned to deliver the gifts to them. 

“We would just want to be someone else’s blessing to just tell them we’re here for them and to just let them know that if they need anything they can come to us if we have the resources available and just let them know we’re praying for them and that we’re doing what we can to help them in their time of need,” said Nadia Spurlock, a junior and also president of the student group.

We just wanted to show them we cared, said Sanjaya Bolton, a junior and vice-president of BSLC.

“You don’t know who you’re touching,” she also said.

The group said it took the money it raised throughout the year during projects and fundraisers to offer this heartfelt move.

The students say they also made a prayer board for Mohammed’s school, Springeville Elementary.

For Spurlock, it’s a lesson in giving back to their community.

If you can do something for someone else, she said, you should do it.