North Omaha seeing consistent growth

Posted at 6:52 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 19:52:39-04

North Omaha is booming with new businesses and growth.

"40 years there was no fresh produce in this area."

A place that once had no access to fresh produce now wants neighbors to know it’s all here.

"So we are trying to do things to get people into the store and when you do get in there you see how much of a nice store it is."

People no longer have to leave the area for healthy choices or move elsewhere to start a successful business.

"Everything that has popped up has been really cool, ten new businesses overnight."

Imagine Uhlenbrock opened her shop last winter, she says she’s happy to see success in her neighborhood.

"I create opportunities, I create jobs for other people, I create other streams of income.”

Omaha Economic Development Corporation's Terri Sanders says the goal is to grow as a healthy thriving community.

 "So we are about not only trying to bring back produce to the area, but also an economic stimulus."

Sanders says now there's more opportunities for entrepreneurs and options for North Omaha residents. Which she says was common 40 years ago.

"Back in the day there were fruit stands along this street and there were vegetable stands, then that went away"

 Native Omaha days starts next week.


People who left the area will have a chance to see how much their hometown has grown and possibly be inspired to come back.