Northwest High student stabbed in fight

17 YO suspect arrested
Posted at 1:15 PM, Sep 26, 2016
Omaha police arrested a teenage girl after a Northwest High School stabbing Monday morning.
An injured teenage girl is expected to survive.
Students are concerned about their safety after the crime.
The victim, Dominique Berry, 17, was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
Her injuries were upgraded to serious Monday afternoon.
It happened at about 11:30 a.m. Monday in a second floor girls’ bathroom.
Because the situation was brought under control quickly by police the school was not locked down, said Monique Farmer, Omaha Public Schools spokeswoman.
"It was a contained situation as I mentioned,” Farmer said. “OPD did respond to the incident immediately, so administration did not see a need to merit a lock down of the school." 
The school should have been on lock down, said Tristan Sullivan, a junior at Northwest High School.
"That's ridiculous,” Sullivan said. “I had all my friends text me, like, someone got stabbed and they leave everyone here. That's ridiculous. They still have officers and people walking through there, but they still have us here. When something like that happens, you need to evacuate your students. That's a crime scene.” 
Monday his first day at Northwest, Sullivan says he’s going to transfer schools because he doesn’t feel safe.
"One girl pulled out a box cutter and stabbed a girl right here,” Sullivan said. “She like barely missed her heart.” 
Thomas Curry graduated in 2010 and says the idea that Northwest is a bad school because of what happened Monday is ridiculous. 
Curry says it is an isolated incident.  
"I would disagree entirely,” Curry said. “As an alumni, after four years I graduated, I had an amazing time here." 
There is an ongoing investigation. 
There was a fight reported at the school after the stabbing.
Farmer couldn’t comment on the fight and Sullivan says it was unrelated to the stabbing.