Northwest Omaha home burglarized in broad daylight; suspect arrested

Posted at 10:33 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 23:32:58-04

All it took was an open garage door and a few minutes on a Monday evening for a burglar to get away with credit cards, cash, a checkbook and personal items belonging to a Northwest Omaha woman. 

Thieves hit another Northwest Omaha neighborhood

Paige Rivard said she left her garage door open while she ran inside to make her son a snack, and her purse was stolen from her car in broad daylight. 

“You watch this on the news, you see it happen to other people, and you hear this all the time, 'Oh this is never going to happen to me,' ” she said. 

Rivard said she follows posts made on Nextdoor and has seen the recent mentions of other car and home break-ins. 

Her family is looking into a security system, she said.

George Langabeer, owner of SilverHammer Surveillance said more people are turning to cameras and systems for their homes. 

"When I first started doing this, it was about 80/20 in favor of businesses, and now it’s 80/20 in favor of homes,” he said. 

Vandalism hits another Northwest Omaha neighborhood

He said he's also noticed more neighborhoods are working together.

“It is great because they can help each other fight these crimes,” he said. 

Rivard said someone was arrested for stealing her purse; he had her credit cards on him at the time of his arrest. She said she hopes people will start paying attention to the crimes in the area and remember to lock their homes and cars. 

Omaha Police are currently investigating whether the suspect could be tied to any other thefts. 

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