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NPPD donates oak trees to Plattsmouth

Posted at 12:11 PM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 19:12:55-04

Months after tornadoes ripped through Sarpy County and Cass Counties, The City of Plattsmouth will begin to start replanting trees in Garfield Park and the nearby cemetery. 

NPPD has donated 85 trees, 35 of them Oak trees which will go into the city parks and the others will go to private residences. 

"This side of it (Garfield Park) was destroyed we had some beautiful trees here over a half-dozen of them that were totally destroyed and this helps bring the park back it will take time," said Plattsmouth Mayor Paul Lambert. 

The tornadoes also damaged properties in Bellevue in Falconwood Park and the Hyda Hills neighborhood among others. 

"Going through it alone and pregnant with two dogs that are crying in the basement definitely sealed the deal as to why I never wanted to do that again and so I wont be watching Twister in the nearby future," said Hyda Hills resident Megan Lenc.

Lenc had damage to her house's siding, windows and indoor floors in her kitchen area. 

Many other residents in the neighborhood were frustrated by the lack of execution from contractors.