NU President Bounds announces tuition hike, cuts

"Without question it will impact students."
Posted at 5:53 PM, May 30, 2017

As the state tightens its belt so does the University of Nebraska system.

On Tuesday, NU President Hank Bounds announced major cuts and a tuition increase, “Cutting 30-million dollars is an enormous number it will absolutely transform this university.”

Bounds proposes a $30-million cut from its operational budget including over 100 people losing their jobs. Also a 5.4-percent tuition increase for the 2017-18 school year-and a 3.2-percent increase for the following year.

For an example, that would mean for in-state tuition a student at UNL would pay roughly $237.50 cents a $12.25 cent raise.

Or at UNO, $216.25 or an 11-dollar increase per credit hour during the 17-18’ school year.

“We're going to manage this carefully, we're going to make good decisions, we're going to make certain that a student's degree matters we are going to make sure we protect academic integrity,” said Bounds.

Bounds said they tried to find the right balance to not increase tuition too much to impact enrollment-but he didn't shy away from the impact this budget cut will have, “It will absolutely impact our services it will impact students, without question it will impact students.”

3 News Now talked with many UNL students who are going to feel the pinch like Sophomore Emily Johnson studying political science and Spanish, “Am I going to have to be working more hours during the school year like have to sacrifice some extracurricular and make up the hours I need to pay for stuff.”

Or Alija Bbar an international student from Iraq, “A little surprising, i made a plan for the next 4 years and now I need to re-consider my plan.”

But other students see the other side and understand why the university has to raise their tuition, “If that means like what we have to do to help the university out I guess I’m okay with it,” said Chase Anderson an out-of-state student from Wyoming.

In tackling the budget Bounds says he stayed away from academic cuts to protect the integrity of the university.

These cuts aren’t a done deal yet, the NU Board of Regents will vote on the budget on Thursday.

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