Officer recovering after shooting in Midtown

Posted: 5:56 AM, Jan 31, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-31 09:46:27-05
Officer recovering after shooting in Midtown
Officer recovering after shooting in Midtown

An Omaha Police officer is recovering after being struck in the leg by a bullet Monday afternoon in Midtown.

The investigation continued on Tuesday near Dewey Park where gunfire was exchanged.

The suspect remains in critical condition at the hospital.

The scene was still active near 33rd and Jackson Tuesday  morning as investigators are looking into more clues.

STORY: Officer-involved shooting suspect in critical conditio n

Authorities say officers Jill Schillerberg and Matthew Skradski responded to a call about a suspicious person around one p-m...near Park Avenue and Woolworth.

When they arrived they made contact with 20-year-old Monroe Evans.

Minutes later, gunfire was exchanged and a "help an officer call" went out.

Schillerberg took a shot to the  leg while Evans was also hit multiple times.

Authorities say Evans remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Schillerberg's partner Matthew Skradski was unharmed during the altercation.

Police say they have not yet determined whether one or both of the officers fired their handguns.

That's still being investigated.