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Officials at the Memorial Park concert are warning people about staying safe in extreme heat

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 19:48:37-04

With temperatures hitting triple digits officials are encouraging people to stay safe while doing anything outdoors Saturday night. There are free concerts and other events happening around town and officials are helping to make sure people stay safe while having fun.


“This is the time of the year we’re gonna hit triple digits, we do things a little bit differently take more precaution,” said Tim Klein, the paramedic shift supervisor at the Memorial Park Concert. Even though the temperatures are rising people aren’t staying away from the Memorial Park free concert. Claire Hancox has been attending the Memorial Park concert for about 20 years. “We enjoy the heat and if it gets too hot we got our little umbrellas,” said Hancox. She came prepared today to wait for the concert to begin. “The radio the food and the water, gotta have water, definitely, little snacks here and there to tide us over until the whole thing starts. And we enjoy this,” said Hancox.


About a dozen paramedics with the Omaha Fire Department will be stationed all around the park to make sure people are enjoying themselves safely tonight. “Every year it’s a little bit different, depending on what the weather is gonna bring for that year, kinda decides what we look out for,” said Klein. Also helping to keep concert goers cool is the M.U.D. water truck at the top of hill offering free water fill-ups to keep everyone hydrated. Something paramedics want to remind the attendees to do. “The wind helps cool you down but once again you have to remember to hydrate, the wind is just gonna whip that sweat right off of you so even though you don’t realize it you are sweating,” said Klein.


The Memorial Park concert wraps up at 10 p.m. with a firework show.