Old dundee bar auction

Posted at 6:20 PM, Jan 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-29 19:20:23-05

The Old Dundee Bar is auctioning off vintage pieces to give customers something to cherish.

“I celebrated my 30th birthday here and I’ve gone to some other friend’s birthdays here.”

“Just to see it close it definitely has an emotional response for me.”

Brad Evert says he’s been going to the Old Dundee Bar for years even before the name change.

“When I first moved to Omaha one of the first restaurants I came to was the Dundee Dell because they had good fish and chips.

Evert says he’s here today hoping to take home a memory.

“It seemed like kind of a local bar, a hometown bar.”

“You just would come down and see people who were the regulars.”

This bar will be completely gutted out and combined with the building next door to expand Film Streams.

“Since they are going to gut out the property we are allowed to sell floor to ceiling, wall to wall.”

From wall posters to the vintage clock any and everything was up for grabs.

“It’s very historic, it’s a lot of memories made here by a lot of the people, so it means a lot.”

Evert says he’ll never forget the fun times he had at the Old Dundee.

“You could come here, hang out with friends then go see a movie afterwards.”