Old Dundee Bar & Grill's items to be auctioned off

Posted at 8:24 PM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 14:48:33-05

If you were a regular at Old Dundee Bar and Grill many of these items are probably looking a little familiar.

Everything thing must go, literally from the ceiling to the floor.

For more than 65 years. the building home to the Old Dundee Bar and Grill's been a neighborhood favorite.

“Going back to the 40's and 50's so it has a lot of memories for people here in Omaha. And the younger crowd lately it's been a hotspot for them,” said Tom Millie, owner of the Auction Mill.

In its Final chapter, the landmark bar is being dismantled wall to wall for the auction block.

“Well, I'm interested in some of the nostalgic signs. There were a few ceilings that I thought would be really neat. We have an outdoor kitchen that would be really neat for that,” said Tami Hall, shopper.

Giving the highest bidder a chance to take home a piece of history.

“What’s nice is people can come and share a memory, take home a memory or keepsake from their old bar but there's only a few of these iconic places left in Omaha probably less than a half dozen and it's unfortunate but when they've been open for 60, 80, 90 years they've got to come to a close,” Millie said.

Sunday marks a bittersweet farewell to the neighborhood.

“It'll be missed. It'll be missed,” said Scotty Tarascio with the Dundee Double Shot.

“The auction will be here at Old Dundee Bar and grill at 4964 Dodge Street starting at 11:00 am Sunday.

For those who can't it, many of the items will also be posted online. 

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