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Omaha business gaining national attention for 'barkuterie' products

Posted at 7:31 AM, Aug 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-29 16:38:22-04

Two women started a business in January during the pandemic, and right after one owner moved halfway across the country. In a short eight months, their business has grown faster than they could have ever imagined.

"Focusing all of my energy on The Good Life Charcuterie was my saving grace," said co-owner Jasmine Deane.

The Good Life Charcuterie turns meat, cheese, fruits, and veggies into an elaborate display. They have also partnered with a few area businesses.

"We are able to support our local businesses, and also give our clientele this beautiful and luxury charcuterie," said Deane.

As a small business, supporting other local businesses is a priority for these women.

"We started working with Stoysich meats, Fat Head Honey, Sweet Magnolias, and local farms. Everything you’re eating and your getting are from Omaha or Nebraska,” said Deane.

Their charcuterie business was doing so well they decided to expand.

New Omaha businesses offer cute date ideas

"We take priority in good food. So why not do the same for our dogs, our pets,” said Deane.

"We're just working hard for us, but also the community, to give them the best experience whether it be Barkuterie for their dogs or charcuterie for humans,” said co-owner Sarah O'Callaghan.

O'Callaghan is passionate about feeding dogs good quality food. But the barkuterie idea is a way for her to honor her mother.

"After my mother passed away this May, and with her love for dogs, and she just loved my dogs so much, that kind of pushed me, and made me think my mom would love this if I was doing this with her. That kind of gave me the confidence to do it and know that she is looking down on me,” O'Callaghan said.

The Good Life Charcuterie is excited to offer to ship for their barkuterie boxes.

"When we created barkuterie, it was recognized by Martha Stewart, Eating Well, Living Magazine, and so we knew that that was the right step,” said Deane.

With their unique barkuterie idea, the Good Life Charcuterie has gained national attention.

"We are going to be on a TV show in November of this year. We can't share much, but Hearst Media gave us an opportunity to be a part of their new TV show called Makers, and they are focusing on several small businesses from each state and we were lucky enough among another amazing company in Omaha,” Deane said.

The women of the Good Life Charcuterie received the keys to their office space at Modus this week, where they will be hosting a farm-to-table upscale event on October 2.

The idea is to dress up, eat delicious food made by a chef who will elevate the charcuterie experience, as well as learn how to pair meats and cheeses with the right wines.

More information about this event can be found on The Good Life Charcuterie website closer to the event.

More information:
The Good Life Charcuterie on Facebook

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