Omaha City Council rejects plan to extend restaurant tax to food trucks

Posted at 3:09 PM, Sep 20, 2016

After months on discussion, the food trucks still do not have to pay the restaurant tax.

Food trucks will not pay the restaurant tax after Omaha City Council rejected the plan with a vote of 3-4.

City councilman Jerram proposed a motion to lower the tax to 2.47 but his motion was met with pushback

Councilman Thompson asked to take a quick recess and the group voted down the motion to reduce the restaurant tax.

 Council then made the decision to vote down food trucks being added to the restaurant tax ordinance.

 Mayor Jean Stothert says that if any council members wanted to reduce the restaurant tax they could have done that four weeks ago when they approved the budget.

 Stothert says the 2018 budget is the next time to discuss tax reduction.

So now food trucks being charged a restaurant tax is not off the table, council members can bring it back to the table and it will start fresh.

Council also saw the new ordinance for regulating trucks.

For the first time, the public hearing on that will be next Tuesday.