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Omaha Dads celebrate fatherhood

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 09:14:09-04

These Omaha dads are proof that fathers can be just as nurturing and attentive as mothers.

"Dad's are just as loving, caring and helpful," said CJ Trader.

Omaha Dads is a group of about 80 stay home fathers who meet up weekly for play dates with their children.

"It can be stressful, getting together with other dads is a way to distress, they can help me solve this problem that I did not know how to handle before," said Trader.

CJ Trader is the founder, he says he started the group as a support system for other stay at home dads.

"Us men tend to be loners sometimes, you don't know you need it until you get there and meet all the guys and you're like good I don't have it as bad," said Trader.

This play date was story time at UNO, coming together like this helps take some of the load off.

"Having the freedom of not having to watch my kids as close as I would have to if I was by myself," said Kai Uno.

"You don't have to round all your kids up to use the bathroom or change a diaper," said Uno.

 A fun, sometimes tough and rewarding job, but also a brotherhood.

"CJ and I went to birthing class together then later we had our first born on the same day," said Uno.

These dads come from all different backgrounds, some are single dads, grandpas and even firemen.

"Dispatchers, night workers, day workers from all different backgrounds," said Uno.

Proving that women are not the only ones who are good at play dates and bonding.

"People who are able to stay at home whether it be a mother or father it's something that's a privilege," said Uno.

Omaha Dad's will be meeting at Dave and Buster's this Saturday to celebrate Father's Day.

They are also looking to recruit more dads into the organization.