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Omaha Democrats ready to pick candidate for congress

Posted at 10:27 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 23:27:49-04

Democrat John Henry Muller has voted for Brad Ashford in the past, tomorrow he'll choose the Kara Eastman, who he says has stuck to her Democratic ideals. 

"She's done great work in the community, I've known Kara for years, she's done a lot of great work with the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance and I know she's dedicated to progressive values in Nebraska," says Muller, Eastman supporter. 

While Eastman is more ideologically to the left on issues like health care and taxes, Ashford preaches bi-partisanship, which some believe will allow him to beat Congressman Don Bacon in the general election.

"So to win the second district you got to have a message of compromise and you can't be too far to the left, says Tom Barrett, OPPD board member and Ashford voter."

Some progressives believe Ashford does have the liberal credentials, and also brings a realistic approach to governing. 

"There's a lot of progressive issues that Brad has represented his entire life, he doesn't take NRA money he never has. He's been on the board of Planned Parenthood. He fights for CHIP and their children and their health insurance," says Dena Draskovich, Ashford supporter. 

Eastman has canvassed hard over the last few months to further her name recognition and energize the liberal base of her party.

Supporters think she'll need the base to turn out in high numbers for her to get the nod over Ashford. 

"I think people are pretty fired up about this primary and I hope we get a good turnout tomorrow," says Muller. 

Regardless after Tuesday, many Democrats agree they need to unite behind whoever wins. 

"I think they're looking to get Bacon out of office and represent values across the board and move towards instituting progressive issues and bringing them here and fighting for them in DC,” says Draskovich.