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Omaha drivers brace for possible Thursday snow

Posted at 8:53 PM, Nov 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 21:53:20-05

In parts of our area, forecasters are predicting around an inch of snow, beginning in the early afternoon. 

With it being one of the first snow falls of the season, rush hour could slow down to a crawl. 

"You just gotta let yourself succumb to the slowness of the driving around here and don't try and get too frustrated by it," says Omaha driver, Chris Atkins.

The Nebraska State Patrol promotes caution for first time drivers. 

"If you're aware the weather conditions are going to be bad, do a quick inventory of your own driving skills and abilities," says Sergeant Eric Kauffman.

Treashea Green did just that, she's decided to wait a bit before attempting to drive in winter weather. 

"i'm not too sure if I'm going to drive in this weather, because this is my first car so I do plan to ride the bus for a few months," says Green.

Sergeant Eric Kauffman says increasing following distance is the most important thing drivers can do when snow hits the roads. 

Temperatures are still hovering above freezing and therefore the cities of Omaha, La Vista and Papillion, as well as Sarpy County have no plans of pre-treating the roads tonight, although the city of Lincoln will do just that.