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Omaha drivers, Nebraska State Patrol concerned with uptick in excessive speeding

Posted at 10:28 PM, Mar 14, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — State basketball has wrapped up, which means results from the Nebraska State Patrol's increased traffic enforcement are in.

Drivers tell 3 News Now that the number of speeding citations over the first two weekends of March is surprising, but they see it every day.

"That's a lot in a matter of two weeks, I think, more than average," said Jeffery Lakin, driver.

NSP says over the two weekends of state basketball that 710 drivers were ticketed for speeding. Thirty-six were cited for driving over 100 miles per hour and 23 drivers were arrested for DUI.

"How does it make you feel, seeing those numbers," said 3 News Now Reporter Molly Hudson. "Well they are definitely shocking, they are something that we don't want to see and that's why we put more troopers out on the road to try to combat that," said Lt. Jeremy Thorson, NSP.

Over the years NSP says the number of drivers cited for going 100 miles per hour or more has increased and the trend is similar for 90 miles per hour plus.

"We obviously saw a big uptick in 2020. When COVID hit and there wasn't as many motorists out on the road. We saw an increase in our traffic citation numbers or our speeding numbers over 100 miles per hour," said Thorson.

And he says they really haven't tapered off. Drivers who spoke to 3 News Now say they see it on the roads daily.

"I see tons of people speeding by, trying to make gaps that aren't there. And you know it's causing other people to slow down, break when other people could. It just could cause a lot of accidents," said Lakin.

Maggie Nunez, a mom in the community says she's concerned for the safety of her kids.

"Everyone is in a hurry it seems like more, everyone is on the go. No one really kind of hangs out and relaxes anymore. There is always something to do," she said.

But NSP warns the dangers could be life-changing.

"Just last year, there was an increase in fatalities on our roadways and NDOT cited speeding as one of the major factors in those fatalities," said Thorson.

Thorson also said it was a little surprising to see these numbers for this time of year as they typically see speeding and traffic pick up during the warmer months but he says it is following the trend.

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