Omaha family feeds Korean-inspired food for...

Posted at 10:23 PM, Dec 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-25 23:23:33-05

Ham and turkey are out, pot stickers and meatballs are in. For more than a decade, an Omaha family have put a special twist on holiday dinner.

Even if it's not what most of us would call a traditional holiday meal, Joseph Choi's family and friends put together hundreds of meals for people at the Siena/Francis House.

This tradition of giving back and serving Korean-style meals on Christmas day started more than a decade ago.

"My dad had told us one day you know we are so fortunate to have what we have and so how do we give back, not only to everybody but people in our communities," said Melissa Baumgart, Choi's daughter.

This meal is for people like Kimberly Falconer and Bradly Terry, currently living at the Siena/Francis House.

"This is the most blessed meal I could have every imagined," said Falconer.

"It's extremely humbling to see how many people have a giving heart at this time of the year. The number of people who take time out of their day from maybe family or their experience at home to come down here and basically pay it forward," said Terry.

On the menu, fried rice, meatballs, potstickers among other non-traditional foods served on Christmas.

This all comes with help from Milton Tin, owner of Hiro 88. He joined this tradition 5 years ago.

"I started to take over his cooking because I'm with the Hiro I got a lot of kitchen, bigger kitchen and more equipment to get things done easier," said Tin.

Coming out and helping those less-fortunate is now engrained in the younger family members too.

"It gives you a good feeling that you know you are helping other people besides just yourself," said Jeslynn Baumgart, Choi's granddaughter.

Help that means so much to those in need.

"To have a community we all come together to take care of each other and that's beautiful, thank you so much, thank you so very much," said Falconer.

The Choi family said there is no end in sight, and they will continue to do this year after year.