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Omaha family looking for answers after their dog goes missing

Posted at 6:18 PM, Jan 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 19:18:18-05

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — One Omaha family is asking for your help in locating their missing dog. The dog didn't just run away however, they say it was taken, right down the street from their home.

"She is our baby, I just want to hold her again," said Amy Brown, the owner of Daza. Daza is a 3 1/2 old Shiba Inu dog, that escaped from a small opening in the backyard fence on January 1st. Amy let the dog out in the backyard as she and her husband, Paul, were both unaware of the opening in the fence due to remodeling.

Paul Brown says the dog ran down the block to 72nd Avenue and Cass Street and was picked up by another man looking to help. "He was flagged down and was told that a couple thought that she was theirs, so he asked, they said she was theirs and he handed her off to them," said Paul Brown.

Once the owners realized the dog was missing they made a post on social media about it. They got a response from the man who originally picked Daza up. "He asked if she had gotten out again or if he had made a mistake and gave her to the wrong people," said Paul Brown.

The family has been looking for signs of the dog ever since. They found neighbors doorbell cameras had video of the car they believe took off with Daza. "We're looking for any other information from anyone who might have seen anything, anybody who's neighbors might have brought home a new dog on New Years Day," said Paul Brown.

They are hopeful they'll get their family back together soon as this new way of life is something they want to forget. "We love this dog more than anything in the world, and we are desperate to get her back," said Amy Brown.

The Omaha Police Department is investigating the incident. The Brown's are offering a $2,500.00 reward for information that lead to Daza getting back home safely. If you have information on the dog contact police or you can email Amy at or Paul at