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Omaha future leaders learning about civil rights

Posted at 6:41 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 19:41:22-05

Later this year, a group of Omaha students will head south and tour some of the key sites of the civil rights movement.

Organizers hope it will also inspire them to be the next generation of community leaders.

Not only will the students get to see where big events in the civil rights movement took place, but they will also step foot on some college campuses, which for many will be a family first.    

It's an opportunity of a lifetime for some of Omaha's future leaders.

"It's development of our youth for our new leaders and for them to stay in Omaha."

This summer about 40 teens will take a tour down south.

"It's a good opportunity because I don't feel like African American history is taught mainstream."

Nanny Malwal is doing the paperwork to attend the Walking In Black History Tour, which will give her the chance to learn her history.

"This is something important and it effects people like me, they were great people and I can be one of those people."

They will be down south for five days, visiting key locations of the civil rights movement.

"I think it's important for young people to see successful people who look like them."

They will also visit some historically black universities and many like Malwal will be the first in their family attending college. 

"In the US it's hard to be successful without graduating from college, not that you cant be successful, but it's harder being a woman and a person of color."

"Part of our African American history is historically black colleges."

Black Votes Matter which is organizing the tour, hopes the college visits will inspire the students to find success within their own communities instead of leaving. 

"And when they stay, they will be advocates for voting and community that's why we are doing this tour." 

The trip is absolutely free for students but Black Votes Matter is trying to raise 40 thousand dollars to make it all possible.

You can stop by their office near 24th and Lake to donate.