Omaha had Nebraska's largest booze auction ever

Posted at 7:27 PM, Apr 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-07 20:37:40-04

Bidding began Friday for bourbon whiskey and all types of alcohol.

Hundreds of people were in and out of Auction Solutions at 78th and Military, anxious to fill their wine cellars and liquor cabinets.

Brix at Village Pointe is selling the booze to pay off debts.

The owner suddenly closed both Omaha locations in January.

For a company whose regular clients are businesses that close down and estate sales, Auction Solutions owner says this is one of the most unique auctions they've ever done.

"It’s the largest alcohol auction in the state of Nebraska for one, ever, and it's been very interesting as far as the pricing," said Shayne Fili.

Auctioning liquor and wine is also equally as unique for an international auction champion from central Nebraska.

Curtis Wetovick is used to cattle auctions in Fullterton.

"It’s different,” Wetovick said. “This is kind of fun. You never know what's going to be next and today I was pretty excited about it."

Talking a million miles an hour, Wetovick says, comes natural.

"To make an auction like this, where people who have to sit here for hours on end I want to be able to make an auction chant that they can tap their feet to and enjoy the rhythm of it and still bid and be happy," Wetovick said.

One of those happy bidders doesn't discriminate between spirits.

The kind of alcohol she likes is...

"Anything,” said Katy Belieu, Omaha. “I sound like an alcoholic. I'll be drinking gin and tonics tonight."

It's her first time at an auction and she's pretty blown away by the experience.

"Overwhelming, I guess,” Belieu said. “It's exciting and interesting."

And the most unique sale of the night?

A 20 year old bottle of scotch from Scotland.

"We sold Macallan scotch for $1,000," Fili said.

The auction will continue Saturday, liquidating all of Brix's beer.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. at 78th and Military.

The auction will continue until everything is sold.