Omaha man goes all pink for Race for the Cure

Posted at 12:17 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 11:20:56-04

It's been 12 years since doctors diagnosed Jayne Dean with breast cancer. She had no family history and said it came as a  surprise.


"I was stage 3, after having the normal mammogram in April of the same year."


Jayne says her faith, along with the support of her friends and prayer warriors help her win her battle, and of course, her family. Her husband and two sons have been running alongside her each race for the cure for the past 12 years, but six years ago, her son, Andrew, then 26, stepped up his support.


"All of a sudden I am in this pink spandex onesie and pink boa and all this other stuff, and everyone is like, what just happened? Who is this guy?" he said, laughing. 


Each year, Andrew pumps up the pink. Now, he wears it when he travels, spreading the word and raising money for Komen one brightly hued ensemble at a time. He especially does it around October for breast cancer awareness.


"There's always a time around September to see how it fits and oooh! Let's start working out a little bit more, lets get in shape."


He doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, and one day says he could imagine a "pink man army".  


"I'm just going to keep doing it. you might see me as a 40-year-old man down the road still wearing spandex costumes everywhere."


Really, for the Deans, It's all about raising money for a cure, and showing support, with that special thing, some say is the best medicine.


"Just help a good laugh everyday and just put the difficult situation behind me and think of positive things," Jayne Dean said.