Omaha man has same car stolen three times in...

Posted at 4:10 PM, Mar 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 18:22:27-05

“I couldn't help but laugh because I knew what the reality was, but it was really surreal,” said a man who wished to remain anonymous.

In January, a man who we will refer to as David had his car stolen near 38th and Farnam.  Days later, police located the 2000 silver Honda Civic EX at the Bakers near 72nd and Ames.

“All four wheels were taken in that situation, so they left the car on the rotors,” said the man.

David had to pay an impound fee, buy new tires and he even invested in a steering wheel lock.  Police say anti-theft locks are a deterrent for thieves.

“I didn't really think that any thief would be that motivated, because my first thief kind of got lucky,” said the man.

A few weeks later it was déjà vu. 

“A realtor actually drove by the home and it was running without any keys in the ignition,” said the man.

David’s car was stolen from 14th and Izard and was found two days later at a recently sold home near 81st and Grand Ave. 

“I just think it's a string of bad luck and it definitely has to do more with the car than with anything else because it is so, so prone to getting stolen,” said the man.

Police say it’s a little easier to get into cars such as older model Honda Civics and Accords.  That’s why they’re easily targeted.

“You know lightening can't strike the same place three times, but unfortunately it did,” said the man.

On Sunday, David’s car was stolen for a third time.  Like every other time he took to Craigslist to get his two-door silver Honda with license plate number TTN 075 back. 

David says his car has black steel rims and the front rims don’t match the back rims.  He says The Honda “H” and “EX” emblems are missing from the trunk. 

“I’m going to turn right around and sell it and hopefully just be done with it,” said the man.

David doesn’t want to deter drivers from buying Hondas, they’re great cars.  David just wants to help people be aware.

“You know no car is invincible, it doesn't matter what year, make, or model you have,” said the man.

Police say always lock your car.  Never keep valuables inside, park in a well lit area and if you have a garage, use it. 

“Be prepared for the worst, you really never know what could happen,” said the man.