Omaha man looking for stolen apparel samples

Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 19:23:19-04

A west Omaha man says his livelihood was taken from him overnight.  Someone broke into his vehicle, and stole thousands of dollars worth of clothing he uses for work.

James Leggett says he forgot to lock his SUV in his driveway Thursday night near 120th & Pacific St. when someone broke into it.  They stole hundreds of sample clothing items worth about $5,000.

Leggett is a traveling apparel representative for 6 different companies and shows the samples to sporting goods stores, embroidery companies, and screen printers.  A tablet was also stolen.

He’s reached out to Facebook marketplaces, garage sale groups, and local consignment shops so they'll watch out for the items.

"I was a bit panicked I'm pretty angry.  This is my living this is what I do to feed my family, to pay my mortgage, to put clothes on our back and for someone to come in here and just take that from me just really makes me angry," Leggett explained.

All the clothing is size large and most are tagged with Holloway, High Five, Augusta, and Boxercraft Apparel.

If you've seen any clothing that matches the description of these items contact the Omaha Police Dept. at (402)-444-7867, or email Leggett at: