Omaha man on trial for trafficking minor & woman

Omaha man on trial for trafficking minor & woman
Posted at 5:49 PM, May 16, 2017

A man who allegedly who trafficked young girls in west Omaha faces a jury of his peers.  Anthony Swindle, 46, is charged with a number of felonies including sexual assault of a minor and sex trafficking.

Swindle is on trial for allegedly selling a 15-year-old girl for sex at a motel off of I-680 and W. Maple Rd. in September 2015.  Prosecutors say he also “pimped” a woman at a home near 110th and Jones St., and both girls he picked up off the streets and forced into prostitution.

“Over the course of this roughly 3-4 months she saw over 100 johns, 100 men came to have sex with her, she never saw a dime from any of these sexual encounters,” said Deputy Douglas Co. Attorney Sean Lynch.

Co-defendant Lisa Villanova-White testified that she made ads for the girls when Swindle would tell her to.

Swindle allegedly had sex with the 15-year-old before she started being trafficked, and beat the other girl when she tried to get away.

The defense argues that there’s no physical evidence showing Swindle forced the girls into having sex for money.

“Their stories never match up, their stories are persistently and consistently inconsistent and contradictory. That’s the one common thread you’re going to see here through the whole time we do this,” Defense Attorney James Regan explained.

Following the expanded media rules, the judge wouldn’t allow cameras in the courtroom during the witness testimony because it’s a sexual assault case.

The trial is expected to last the rest of the week.