WATCH: Omaha mayor Jean Stothert gives State of the City address

Posted at 6:45 AM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 16:02:20-05

Omaha mayor Jean Stothert gave her 'State of the City' address Friday afternoon. 

Stothert is looking to the future of Omaha as she gets ready for a political battle.


The Omaha mayoral election is in May.

Some of her challengers are right on her heels and with this address, no doubt she'll tout the success of her first term

She talked about which direction she wants to take the city if re-elected.

In previous years, she's talked about annexation.

Last year, the city council unanimously approved Stothert's annexation plan, adding seven neighborhoods.

It's expected to bring in $24 million in property taxes during the next ten years.

Speaking of money, the city has operated in the black for the past three years.

She's talked about public safety - wanting to add more officers to the police department.

Fixing streets is another big issue for her.

But her main challenger, Heath Mello questions her actions.

Recently, the hiring of new fire chief raised eyebrows.

Mello even called the appointment of Dan Olsen quote "political."

Currently, Stothert is facing four potential challengers in the race for the mayor.

Mello is one of them as he's expected to deliver a speech just hours before Stothert does.