Omaha program offers help to homeless teens

Posted at 10:19 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 23:19:58-05

With bitterly cold temperatures and snow falling, the early January weather is no place for a kid to be outdoors for a long time.

For some teens, they simply have no place to go.

Omaha Youth Emergency Services is a program on 26th and Harney that proves a place for homeless teens to seek help.

“If I didn't find the shelter I would be on the streets right now,” said Kody Johnson, “I’d have nothing to keep my warn at night, no food, basically nothing.”

Johnson has been living at the shelter for a few weeks and said living on the streets was cold and wet. 
YES offers a shelter and a drop in center for young people 12 to 22.

They provide food, clothes, a shower, and hygiene items; things that are hard to come by when living on the street.

Program director Mary Ann Flack said season changes create new needs, the frigid temperatures this week include some of the extremes they face.

“When it gets cold outside our needs change from just strictly clothing and hygiene products to needing winter coats, hats gloves, scarves,” said Flack. 

The program will offer the essential survival items to those who need them.

“They have helped me come along way; they provided the outfit I have right now,” said Johnson wearing a winter coat and hat.

He also said he's applied for an internship to work at the drop in center, and the opportunities at YES are amazing.

“They have helped me get back in school and help me find a job.”

Flack says right now the program needs winter clothing, but are low on winter coats.

Youth Emergency Services.