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Omaha Public Schools, Papillion-La Vista Community Schools pass bonds

Posted at 8:11 AM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 09:16:06-04

Omaha Public Schools is praising voters after it approved a bond to build new schools.

"Thank you, Omaha voters, for voting yes to Phase 2 of the OPS," the district said in a tweet. Because of you, OPS can further its mission." 

The bond totals nearly $410 million and the district plans to build two new elementary schools, a new middle school and two new high schools. 

Another school district, Papillion-La Vista Community Schools, also got a bond approval from voters. The roughly $110 million will be used for many of the district's schools, upgrades to security and the purchase of land for a future school.