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Omaha reacts to release of Kyle LeFlore's alleged killer

Posted at 10:30 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 23:30:53-04

Kay LeFlore is at work like any other day, but the thought of his son Kyle's alleged killer returning to the streets is on his mind.

"The gangsters, the people that are getting away from murder because people won't speak up, they won't come forward," LeFlore said.

Kyle LeFlore's alleged killer Larry Goynes' release was brought up at today's Omaha 360 meeting. The dropped charges for LeFlore's death are due to witness intimidation, which Precious McKesson of the North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance says happens far too often.

"Intimidation is the biggest problem in the case," McKessonsaid. "You have someone who gives details and then says they don't want to, that's intimidation. What else could it have been? Police did their job thoroughly."

But Kimara Snipe believes police have work to do to improve relations with the African-American community.

"People just aren't comfortable still. People aren't comfortable to go to trial and be a witness and testify against someone who may come back and harm them," Snipe said.

Buffy Bush knows the feeling of losing a loved one whose killer remains free. Each year she gets a phone call from police about new leads, but it has become a broken record. She says faith needs to be restored in the justice system.

"It will be seven years for my sister's murder and it's unsolved, and yet Omaha Police Department can tell me they know who killed my sister, but they can't convict because of the lack of evidence," Bush said.

Omaha Police could not be reached for comment.