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Omaha recycling company suggests recycling Halloween candy wrappers

Posted at 7:16 PM, Oct 31, 2023

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — When trick-or-treating most people give treats so you might have a lot of plastic-wrapped candy at home the next few days.

Omaha's recycling company says to recycle those wrappers.

It's possible — if you put them in the orange Hefty re-new bags. They're for plastics that can't be recycled otherwise. Once you're done, add in with the rest of the recycling. First Star Fiber uses the wrappers to make boards.

“When you think about how lightweight candy wrappers, potato chip bags, fast food containers, straws are, that's a lot of material that otherwise would've ended up as litter or going to a landfill,” said First Star Fiber President, Dale Gubbels.

First Star will mail you a pack of four bags for free if you send a photo of your kiddos in costume with candy either before or after they eat it to Be sure to include your mailing address.

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