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Omaha resident claims independent pick-up plows are covering residential sidewalks with snow

Posted at 10:26 PM, Jan 22, 2018

An Omaha resident claims independent pick-up plows clearing residential areas are plowing snow onto sidewalks outside of homes.

Stan Snell lives near 114th and Pacific Streets. He's lived there since 2009 and says this has been an ongoing problem.

"It's not just the snow they plow on here - it's the brine, sand and salt they put down on the roads," said Snell.

Due to city ordinances, Snell shovels his and his elderly neighbor's sidewalk, but says it's not fair to reshovel snow the trucks are plowing onto his already-shoveled sidewalk.

"This is wet snow, and it's going to harden overnight and cause problems for my snowblower in the morning if this turns to ice, which it probably will," said Snell. "I'll probably have to take out my shovel. At my age, I don't want to do that."

 Snell used to drive the big city plow trucks years ago and says he understands the job. He says the different between the big trucks and the smaller pick-up trucks, is the speed at which the trucks need to go to be able to successfully clear snow.

"They're within the speed limits. I'm not saying they're speeding, but what I am saying is that they're going too fast for the job that they need to do in residential areas," said Snell. "Now I have to pay the price. And I've been paying for it for years."

Snell said he's reached out to the City several times in the last few years but nothing has ever happened. 

Snell says he called the Mayor's hotline Monday afternoon. He says a woman told him she'd pass along the message. 

3 News Now also contacted the City to see if anything can be done but had not heard back at the time of this report.