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Omaha Star celebrating 80 years

Posted at 6:34 PM, Mar 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-01 19:34:42-05

The Omaha star is celebrating 80 years in print.

"She became very much a voice of the community," said John Pierce.

A voice Pierce says needed to be heard during a time of segregation and a fight for equal rights.

"They faced a lot of racism, barriers, segregation in the schools, segregation in housing,"
said Pierce.

The paper founded in 1938 by Mildred D Brown highlighted positive stories in the black community. 

Something Pierce says other newspapers would not cover. 

"And continues to not focus on a lot of activities and events in the black community, except when it deals with violence and crime,"  said Pierce.

Pierce says Brown helped shine a light on North Omaha.

"There became an even greater need to tell our stories, share our experiences and focus on positive things in the community," said Pierce.

Even if it was the unpopular thing to do.

"Businesses would threaten to cut off, or stop advertising in her paper if she took stances that were unpopular," said Pierce.

While standing the test of time, Pierce says they are continuing Brown's legacy through the Omaha Star and The Mildred D Brown Memorial Study Center.

"We provide scholarships, fund junior journalism programs," said Pierce.

The Mildred D Brown Memorial Study Center and Omaha Star plan to open a museum to inspire young journalists through Brown's work.
This summer the newspaper will host an 80 year celebration.