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Plans for Omaha dog-friendly bar

Posted at 12:13 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 18:13:02-04

Omaha Dog Bar, LLC plans to open in 2019 and will allow you to enjoy a cold brew with your four-legged pal.

The facility would feature a bark park, which would be an indoor off-leash dog park and also an outdoor area. The bar portion would offer a selection of local craft beers, domestic beers, wine, coffee from a local roastery. Plans include an on-leash patio seating area.

Founder of the Omaha Dog Bar, Leah Thrasher, says she hopes to open in a midtown area location and has considered about a dozen locations. The final site is still being determined. 

Thrasher says feedback from the community has been positive, adding that she's hoping to partner with local canine-centric companies. 

"There are so many dog owners in Omaha young. Professionals that are waiting to have children.A lot of transients that are coming here and want this," said Thrasher.

"We surveyed over 500 community members and reached out over social media and everyone is just so excited about it. And so are we."

Currently - the Douglas County Health Department says there are only two restaurant patios in the city, permitted to have dogs. 

To qualify for a permit, the establishment must meet strict guidelines.

According to the Douglas County Health Department, a permitted patio must meet requirements including:

  • "A sign with at least one inch letters posted so that it is easily visible to the public. The sign shall state “Dog Friendly Patio/Deck - Dog access only through exterior patio entrance."
  • "The outdoor patio shall be hosed and mopped with animal-friendly chemicals every six business hours, except when no dog has been present on the outdoor patio/deck since the last cleaning. The outdoor patio/deck must be hosed down or mopped at each shift change or every six hours."

Thrasher says she's done her research and connected with other dog-friendly bars around the country to draft business plans. The establishment would have separate areas that allow dogs on and off leash to allow the business to be fully permitted by the Health Department.

Omaha Dog Bar will be a 21+ establishment and will require a membership or day pass contract.

Omaha Dog Bar will be hosting a series of "pup-ups" beginning August 5th to fundraise. The dog-friendly event would include two drink tickets for $15 a person.

Omaha Dog Bar also is currently looking to partner with local businesses. 

You can learn more by clicking here.