Omaha woman turns city's first fashion truck to brick and mortar store

Posted at 1:12 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-13 21:04:47-04

The Omaha woman who started the city's first fashion truck this spring is setting up a semi-permanent shopping space for the winter. 


Jill Dudzunski, 28, started Hello Ruby fashion truck in April. 


"I was thinking a month or two out a time," she says. 


As it started to get cold, she decided take taking the truck out may be a lot of wear and tear. 


"We're going to put the truck in hibernation for a little bit," she explained.


Friday, Dudzunski opened a brick and mortar store on 67th street in Aksarben Village. She plans to operate seven days a week for the next couple of months.


"It's five times the size of the mobile boutique," she said. 


The perk of the bigger space, she says, is getting to try something new. She also plans to partner with other locally run women owned businesses. 


"I already have worked with some. It's great because we all have some of the same frustrations, or know what the others are going through."


As for the truck, Dudzunski doesn't plan on keeping it in storage for long. 


"The truck is definitely coming back out. It isn't going anywhere."