OPD Chief says officers' use of force was justified in Midtown shooting

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 07:40:22-05

The Omaha Police Department has released new information on Monday's shooting in Midtown that left an officer injured and a man in critical condition. 

Police say they conducted interviews with the officers on scene, Officer Jill Schillerberg and Officer Matthew Skradski. Police say audio on the cruiser camera supports their account. The altercation, they say, occurred out of video view. 

According to their accounts, Officers Schillerberg and Skradski were trying to handcuff Monroe Evans III. They say he matched the description of a man who was reportedly looking into cars and trying to open them. 

They got one of his hands in cuffs but then they say Evans pulled a gun with his free hand and fired a shot that grazed Officer Schillerberg's leg. 

Police released an evidence photo of the gun recovered from the scene that they say Evans fired.

Police offered this information in their news release, "Officer Skradski said that during the struggle he heard a gunshot and immediately stood up and stepped back and away from Mr. Evans. Officer Skradski said he observed Mr. Evans with a gun in his hand and Officer Skradski began firing at him. Officer Skradski described Mr. Evans as pointing the handgun in the direction of Officer Schillerberg."

Officer Skradski fired 11 shots at Evans. Officer Schillerberg fired one shot. Evans was hit in the chest, arms and legs. 
Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer issued this statement, "The officers were justified in their use of deadly force, which was in direct response to Mr. Evans' actions. I fully anticipate criminal charges against Mr. Evans upon his release from the hospital." 
Evans remains in critical condition at Nebraska Medicine.