OPD Detectives connect "enormous" theft ring

Posted at 4:35 PM, Jun 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 18:17:49-04

In a story that KMTV has been following for years, investigators say thieves involved in an ATM theft ring have hit seven states.

From May 2013-February 2016, police say a group of suspects would go to local businesses after hours, break in, wrap a chain around the a-t-m, and try to pull it out with a stolen truck or van.  In three years there were almost 25 attempts or stolen ATM's in Omaha alone; 31 throughout the metro.

Investigators say more than 50 were hit in a seven state area in Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

A total of 8 people are now behind bars in connection to this ATM theft ring.

  • Darnell Gordon - Charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Receiving Stolen Items, Burglary and Theft by Receiving
  • Larry Gordon - Charged with Burglary (x's 3), Receiving Stolen Items (x's 2) and Habitual Criminal - Convicted of Burglary and Receiving Stolen Items (x's 2)
  • Lyle Gordon - Charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Receiving Stolen Items, Felony Flight to Avoid Arrest, Possession of Burglars Tools
  • Brenis Vaughn - Charged with Receiving Stolen Property, Dumping Rubbish, Obstructing an Officer - Convicted of Receiving Stolen Property
  • Isaiah Brown - Charged with Burglary, Receiving Stolen Items, Interstate Transport of a Stolen Vehicle (Federal Charge), Burglary (South Dakota) - Convicted of Burglary (in South Dakota)
  • Kentrell Reed - Charged with Burglary, Receiving Stolen Items (x's 2), Criminal Conspiracy, Burglary (South Dakota) - Convicted of Burglary (in South Dakota)
  • Wakonda Hazel - Charged with Criminal Conspiracy, Receiving Stolen Items
  • Bajah Pittman - Charged with Accessory to a Felony

Two OPD detectives have been dedicated to solving this case for years, and are satisfied with the results so far.

"We feel like we have the vast majority of people involved arrested, there are additional suspects that are still at large, we are not giving up, we are still investigating those people and trying to make arrests on them as well,” said Detective Ryan Templeton.

Tom Koley, co-owner of Cosgrave Company which is a business that manufactures religious products, says they've put a boot on their van because it was stolen in January and used in a Topeka, KS burglary.

"It was just a financial problem for everybody but I'm just glad that nobody got hurt.  There's nothing you can do about that,” Koley explained.
KMTV was the only media outlet there when Larry Gordon was sentenced to 17 years in prison in the burglary theft last year.

"After Larry Gordon's arrest the crimes continued we obviously knew that we hadn't arrested all the individuals involved," Det. Templeton described.

The detectives say more state charges are anticipated against the suspects as well as more federal indictments.

OPD wanted to thank other local law enforcement, and the FBI for helping connect the crimes outside of Omaha.

Larry Gordon is the only one whose been convicted and is in prison.  The others are in jail on either state or federal charges.