OPD honors Officer of the Year

Posted at 5:21 PM, Apr 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-20 19:02:46-04

A quick thinking officer rushes into a fire to help save a family of five. Now, that police and military veteran is Omaha's Officer of the Year.

Officer Robbie Goering-Jensen is Officer of the Year and was honored with a Lifesaving Medal and the Medal of Valor.

"I was a little concerned about what my limitations were as a person or an individual, but hearing the lady call for help in the back bedroom is what got me to go back in the third time," said Officer Robbie Goering-Jensen. 

Officer Robbie Goering-Jensen says he was just in the right place at the right time when he sprang into action - saving the elderly Robert Damper, his wife and three sons who were all trapped inside their burning home. 

"This is what we train for. We train for the unexpected so if we can help them," said Goering-Jensen. "I was just glad we were there to help them out and make a difference for them."

Officer Robbie Goering-Jensen and his partner - Officer Anthony Abboud - who was only 15 minutes into his first shift on duty were first on the scene to the fire 30th and Martin Ave. 

Goering-Jensen served as a firefighter in the military and immediately knew what to do.

"His bravery - to back into the house 3 times. And by the time he came out he was in need of some medical help as well," said Sandy Dodge, President of the Omaha Police Foundation, "Just the fact he didn't think twice. He went in and was able to get these people out."

His bravery earned him the honor of Police Officer of 2016 during today's luncheon.

A reminder of the everyday heroes that serve our community. 

"They're doing more than simply arresting somebody for speeding or a lot worse but how they do really protect our people. And there's no better display of this than what we saw this afternoon," said Dodge. 

Along with Officer Goering-Jensen, 27 police officers and two units were recognized for their work in 2016.