OPD investigates video showing altercation with officer

Posted at 10:42 PM, Aug 27, 2017

The Omaha Police Department is launching an investigation after a video surfaced overnight Saturday that appears to show an OPD officer shoving a woman to the ground during an altercation in the Old Market. 

"Out of nowhere, I just see her go flying to the ground because she was trying to get the cops off of her boyfriend," said Brandon Dahir. 

Dahir caught the incident on camera and tweeted out the video showing a group of people standing on the sidewalk with several officers when one of the officers appears to push the woman to the ground. 

Dahir says police were trying to detain the woman's boyfriend.

OPD tweeted this afternoon, saying Police Chief Todd Schmaderer is authorizing an investigation into the entire incident, adding anytime an officer uses force they're required to document it and it's "too early to jump to conclusions."