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EXCLUSIVE: Shot in the line of duty Tuesday, OPD Ofc. Fortune in good spirits, brother says

Posted at 3:50 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 12:05:21-04

Officer Ken Fortune was released from the hospital Thursday but is still recovering from taking a bullet after an armed man shot him at point-blank range Tuesday

He was discharged from the Nebraska Medical Center on Thursday, and his brother says he's recovering well. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Fortune was working with two other gang-unit officers when they made a stop at 30th Street and Laurel Avenue. Officer Fortune placed a stop-stick under the front tire of the car, stood up, and John Ezell Jr. allegedly shot him at point-blank range hitting his radio and shoulder.  Police say Ezell then shot at the other officers while fleeing, and two other officers struck him with gunfire.

Fortune's younger brother, Chet, says it was scary getting the call that his brother had been shot. He says "Kenny" is in good spirits and continues to improve.

"Until I saw him just laughing and joking in the hospital bed, I was very concerned; I was worried," Chet said. "I know in his mind right now, he's just ready to get back to work. I think a lot of people would be shook up, and I don't see that from him. It's a part of the job, and he realizes it."

Chet said the body-camera photos released by OPD shows how much worse it could've been, and the reality of what officers deal with.

"I think you can kind of see the evil in some body's eyes. You can see he wanted to do harm," Chet described. "The hardest part for me is realizing to me he shot, not that it's good to shoot at any cop because it's not and it's not good to shoot at anybody, but you're shooting at somebody who really cares about the community you probably live in."

Officer Fortune, 42, is an 11-year veteran of OPD and is described as a proud individual for the progress he makes every day who wants to see a more positive dialogue with police. He's able to do that through the PACE Program.

Chet wanted to thank everyone for their support since his brother was shot, especially the police department. He feels safer knowing so many people are looking out for his brother and the community.