OPD releases photos from officer-involved shooting

Please note: the photos do show the moments leading up an officer-involved shooting which seriously injured a man.They do not, however, show the shooting itself. 

The Omaha Police Department released photos taken from an officer's body camera video. A news release from the police department stated Police Chief Todd Schmaderer "authorized their release in order to provide transparency while balancing Mr. Trejo's rights to a fair trial."

Police say 31-year-old Dillon Trejo is suspected of an afternoon armed robbery and auto theft. His ex-girlfriend first alerted police at 11 a.m. on Monday morning that Trejo had her vehicle. She reported he was using drugs, possibly armed with a gun, and she was concerned for his wellbeing. 

Police were called to the Bucky's gas station on South 24th Street at 2:40 p.m. Police say a witness said Trejo drove away from the Bucky's in a white Mercury. There are surveillance photos from the robbery that police released as well. 

Police responded to a stolen car at 3:18 p.m. The owner of the car said a man showed up in a white Mercury Grand Marquis and stole his Ford F150 pickup. 

Police officers were sent an alert to be on the lookout for the stolen Ford F150. The message said the suspect, Trejo, was the suspect in the Bucky's robbery. It said he was armed with a handgun, to use caution and that Trejo has been using drugs for the last few days. 

Officers spotted the truck in the area of 25th and Marcy. They tried to stop the driver, but he refused. He finally stopped at 26th and Rees. Police say he got out of the car and started running. 

A witness reported to police that he heard Officer Brooks Riley yelling loud commands to Trejo to stop multiple times. The witness, Jimmy Lopez, said he saw Trejo spin around and point his hand toward Officer Riley like he was holding a gun. Another witness said he saw Trejo reach for his waistband. That witness, De La O-Miranda said Trejo's hand was empty but he thought Trejo was going for a gun, according to police.

Trejo's ex-girlfriened also witnessed the shooting. She reported to police that Trejo arrived on Rees street and threw a "ball of cash" in her lap and said he loved her. She said that Trejo told her, "they are going to have to kill me...I love you and the kids." She felt Trejo was on a suicide mission according to police. 

The release from police says Trejo did not have a weapon in his waistband, but he pulled his t-shirt up with his left hand, reached into his waistband with his right and raised his hand arm toward Officer Riley as if he had a gun. 

Officer Riley fired his gun at Trejo two times and hit him at least once. 

Police say officers immediately began providing first aid to Trejo. He is currently at Nebraska Medicine.

They say they recovered a gun and ammo from the stolen truck. 

Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said in a statement, "The evidence reviewed at this point in time by the Douglas County Attorney's Office and the OPD Senior Command (body camera video and witnesses statements) shows the officer was reasonable in his belief that he was responding to deadly force. The officer's decision to fire his duty weapon is justified."

37-year-old Officer Riley is a seven-year veteran with the department. He is on paid leave pending an internal investigation which is standard operating procedure. 


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