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OPD respond to high volume of car accidents

Posted at 10:36 PM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 22:25:24-04

Normally drivers experience trouble on the roads in the winter when it snows and streets ice over, but on a summer day like today, Omaha Police were responding to a high volume of crashes across the area.

Wednesday was a busy day for traffic sergeant Jason Menning and other officers, responding to scenes like this one at 29th and Leavenworth.

"This accident, we believe, one car ran the red light and it caused--by the cars colliding--it forced one car off the embankment," Menning said.

Shortly before that crash, Sgt. Menning tweeted that the number of crashes reached at least 12 Wednesday afternoon. He also said Wednesday was a picture-perfect day leading people out the door, and unfortunately focusing on things other than driving.

"It's just such a nice day out," Sgt. Menning said. "I understand that people can easily get distracted enjoying the nice weather, but please buckle up, slow down, put you phone down and just drive defensively."

In other parts of the Metro, drivers passed a collision at 108th and L Street, tying up traffic in the area. At least one was taken to a nearby hospital.

"It seems all of a sudden today we're seeing a greater number than normal," Sgt. Menning said. "But, again, tomorrow we might have a lot less than what we usually have. So accidents, disturbance calls, all those things are normal things for the Omaha Police Department to handle, it's just today it seems like people are getting in a lot more accidents."

Sgt. Menning says the number of collisions the Omaha Police Department sees this week could range from nothing to the same number they saw Wednesday. It all depends on how focused drivers are at the wheel..