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OPD: Theives test drive ATV's before taking off

Posted at 5:47 PM, Apr 12, 2018

Police need your help tracking down someone stealing ATV's from unsuspecting sellers.

The Omaha Police Department says in in the summer of 2017 and now again since the start of 2018 someone has stolen seven ATV's and dirt bikes from different people in the same way.  

The suspects make contact or Craigslist or Facebook and meet the victims in Benson area parking lots like Benson High School, Monroe Middle School, and Big Mama's Kitchen.  They apparently test drive the vehicles and sometimes give phones as collateral that don't work or are stolen.  When they get the keys and turn on the engine, they drive away for good.

Pierce anderson says it happened to him a few months ago.
"I was just mesmerized by it I didn't know what was going on I've never really dealt with this before and kind of irritated that I was selling it for $2000 and that's $2000 that I'm out," Anderson explained.

In total, the ATV's and dirt bikes are worth about $15,000.

The sellers are mostly between 18 and 27 years old and live in towns outside of Omaha.

Authorities say if you're in a situation to have someone test drive a vehicle ask to hold the money upfront, or an identification.

If you have any information on the stolen ATV's or dirt bikes call OPD at (402)-444-7867.