OPD ticket over 100 drivers for no seatbelts during "Click It or Ticket" campaign

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 11:59:50-04

The number remains staggering, especially in Nebraska, where three out of four people killed in car crashes were not wearing seat belts.

Omaha Police just finished their “Click It or Ticket” enforcement campaign, and officers gave hundreds of tickets in the last couple weeks, with 137 of those for people not wearing seatbelt.

“I am not that surprised, it's sad I’m not surprised, but people just don't do it, they don't see the importance of it,” said Brandon Batchelor.

Batchelor, along with dozens of other teen drivers at the Cornhusker Driver School, are just learning all the rules and laws of the road.

“Putting your seatbelt on, most important thing,” said Oliver Jaros.

“The seatbelt is there and it only takes a few seconds to do,” added Grayson Chisham.

“It’s something that is ridiculous not to do, it takes but just a few seconds and can save your life,” said Batchelor.

The young drivers got to see what could happen when you are in an accident and don't wear your seatbelt with a rollover demonstration car that ejected the driver.

“It’s pretty scary watching what actually happens and know that that this stuff, like it's real, they are not just telling you just to tell you,” said Grant Shepherd.

For Jaros the reason he wears a seatbelt hits a personal note, “I had a good friend that died in a car crash, he wasn't wearing his seatbelt, so it's important to me.”

Police said they try their best to educate people about wearing a seatbelt, but the message never seems to click for everyone.

“It’s concerning because wearing a seatbelt is the number one thing that will save you from serious injury or death in any kind of crash,” said Sergeant Doug Klein.

During the “Click It or Ticket” campaign police also gave over 550 speeding tickets and nine DUI’s with drugs or alcohol.