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Omaha Police visit pediatric patients at Nebraska Medicine

Posted at 5:50 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-17 08:01:36-04

Pediatric Patients at Nebraska Medicine had some special visitors drop by for a surprise Wednesay afternoon . 

Officers from the Omaha Police Department stopped by to spend some time with children who are battling serious illnesses. 

A lot of these kids are recovering from surgery so parents say it's events like this that help put a smile on their face.

"All these kids are suffering, they are in pain and uncomfortable, so getting them to want to do something is hard," said Tamara Nimmo.

Tamara Nimmo's five year old son Oliver is battling a lifelong condition and just had surgery on Monday. 

"He has Hirschsprungs, it's a condition where his intestines are lacking the nerves if they need to move," said Nimmo.

Wednesday Oliver along with 40 other children had an opportunity to just be kids.

"He smiles, his eyes get wide and he forgets for a bit that he's hurting," said Nimmo.

They got to see horses and pose for pictures sitting on a motorcycle. 

For some of the kids, it was their first time meeting a police officer. 

"We want their interaction with police to be positive, many of them haven't had any interaction at all," said Vanessa Urbach.

Police say this moment is just as special to them as it is to the children.

"Interaction with police are typically at someone's worst, it's the worst time of their life, so anytime police can go out and have a positive interaction and see smiles verses crying," said Urbach.

For Nimmo, it's Nebraska Medicine's extra effort she says kept her son alive.

"He's thriving and wasn't even supposed to live," said Nimmo.