OPS board approves sex ed curriculum

Posted at 11:46 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 00:50:15-04
The Omaha Public School Board adopts the new Human Growth and Development curriculum unanimously. 
It didn't come without many critics in the audience. 
"The many textbooks and the outline can now be reviewed together for the first time, review is especially needed for the curriculum in the 7,8, 10 levels," said opponent John Dockery. 
Many said there needs to be more time for the board and parents to review the materials. 
"The devil is truly in the details on this issue without a completed curriculum to review or what books and supporting materials will be used I find it difficult to support any revisions on any such subject matter," said opponent Gina Miller. 
Other opponents said they should flip the opt out rules and turn the older grades into opt-in. 
But nurses who field tested the materials out said the students like the materials. 
"I'm here just to say how refreshing it was to finally have a new curriculum, we tested two curriculum, the children just responded very well," said nurse Rhonda Peterson. 
There was some questions from the people waiting to speak on why they were not able to speak after the 1-hour public comment time was over. 
The Human Growth and Development curriculum starts this Fall. 
To take a look at some of the curriculum click