OPS Board gets training after recent issues

OPS Board gets training after recent issues
Posted at 5:12 PM, Jun 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-16 18:12:03-04

School may be out, but the Omaha Public School board was in session Friday since they took part in a leadership training workshop.

The entire board and Superintendent Mark Evans were on hand to hear from Marj Plumb, a leadership coach.  They learned about each other’s differences, how to engage with each other, and how to lead.

Plumb says this is the first time she's worked with a public school board.

"We have differences and how we operate in the world, and so it's just understanding what those differences might be and developing the skills necessary to be able to communicate across those differences," Plumb explained.

Recently, the school board was unable to unanimously approve a new superintendent, and had to vote more than 100 times to elect a school board president.

"They've been talking for several months about the need for really coming together and working through some of the challenges that they've experienced for a number of months," said Monique Farmer, the Communications Director of the Omaha Public School District.

After this they'll then move on to other topics including a possible school bond for two new high schools as well as getting back to the superintendent search which could possibly happen in the fall.