OPS, ENCAP discuss incident involving 5-year-old found inside bus

Posted at 7:06 PM, Sep 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-08 20:07:53-04

Wednesday night was an emotional one for the  Bik family after their five year old boy was missing for hours.

Omaha Public Schools and ENCAP held a meeting Thursday to discuss about  the incident. 

Both groups said they are reviewing their protocols and looking how to rebuild the faith of the parents in the school district.  

Omaha Public Schools say there were nine kids on the bus yesterday and he was the only one who did not make it home.

ENCAP said the driver, Claude Pope, who had been with them for three years is now on administrative leave and police also charged him child neglect.

ENCAP says this is the second time a situation  like this has happened in June a young girl was found near 24th and Ames after not being dropped off at the proper place.

Superintendent Mark Evans also says they are planning on brining in a group of experts to address some of their bussing issues.