Orphans arrive in Omaha

Posted at 10:39 PM, Jul 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-30 23:39:42-04

The pastor of Grace Baptist Church says they went through several hurdles to get the orphans in Omaha.

Saturday night they all made it safely.

Now they will spend the next four weeks learning English and spending time with their host family.

After weeks of struggling to get passports, visas and plane tickets for 14 orphans they have finally arrived.

"My flight is good"

It was a very emotional moment for some.

“It was a real great moment, it was the highlight of my life for a while."

The children met the people they will call family for the next four weeks.

"I’m happy, very happy."

The church dedicated a special service this Sunday on the children's behalf.

Welsin Alejo will be spending the rest of the summer with the Nelsons.

He says he made it here through the grace of God.

Jacqueline and Michael Nelson say they will make Weslin a part of the family, teach him English and hope to create lifelong memories.

"To have the privilege to welcome one of the children into our home is phenomenal."

Grace Baptist church pastor Lou Sloger says the goal is to educate and love these children.

Some have already lived a tough life.

"We are just trying to love on them and give them a month of good times and fun memories."

The families say inviting a child into their home is an effort to get closer to God and do his work.

"We are trying to live out our faith and do something good.”

“We can’t do everything but this is what we can do right now."


Pastor Sloger says hopefully by teaching the children English, it will better the chances of them being successful in the future.